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Special Products

Easy-Change Frame


Inexpensive but high quality solutions for your home & business framing needs -  presentations, posters, notices, photos and art.
Snap Frames and Poster Frames open at the front enable quick changes of your notice or poster, without removing the frame from the wall. Ideal for regular changes of publicity and other notices in a club or business environment. The frame gives a superior look to alternatives of drawing pins and blue tack.

Easy-Change Object Frame


The ease with which the box can be opened and closed with a click closure makes it possible to change the objects on display very quickly – as often as you want. The FrameBox consists of an aluminium frame which conveys timeless elegance, a discreet clothes hanger 

 available in the format 70 x 90 cm 

Security System Frame Support


The security system affixes wood and metal frames to walls 

with  special set of hardware.

When all hardware is engaged,frames are not easily removed from walls

Wall-Board Frame


The quick easy way to display pictures and accesories

UV Glass


UV Glass See the true colours! With the unique combi-nation of UV-protect and antireflection coating

Hanging Gallery System

 A wall mounted rail with concealed fixings, discreet and elegant.

Suitable for both traditional and contemporary interiors

Mounting Boards


Variaty of Mounting boards  to support, protect and frame prints, photos, posters, signs, artwork and other types of papers and plastics.


Foamboard is a lightweight but sturby foam material which is covered on both sides with cardboard. It is available in many grades ,sizes and thicknesses as well as many varieties: standard, acid -free, self adhesive.

Foamboard is ideal for mounting, prints and photos , can be  easily cut to size with a knife.

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